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The Time is Now for a Renovation Staycation

The Time is Now for a Renovation Staycation


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In a time when “self-quarantine” and “shelter in place” have become a normal part of our everyday conversation, no question is more commonly asked of our team than “should I start a renovation project now or wait?”   While we recognize that every situation is unique, for those secure in their finances or who can feasibly use their home equity (Home Equity Line of Credit, Refinance, or loan, etc.) the consensus is that now is a great time to improve your home. We are spending nearly all our time now at home, so allocating funds to make your space more accommodating, functional, and pleasure-filled is money well spent.  It’s time to put some heart back into your home and take a renovation staycation for your enjoyment and financial rewards!

Home Renovation Home Renovation

It may seem counter-intuitive, but with a reduction in inaccessibility to travel, dining out, and entertainment, most people may have more discretionary income available to invest in one of their most valued assets, their home.   Porch additions and finished basements are just a few examples of projects that will increase the value of your home both from a financial and enjoyment perspective.  Additionally, the leading trend in today’s kitchen renovations is the center island, which merges seating and food prep areas to become a gathering hub of the home.  All these project ideas not only add value to your home, but also become the perfect backdrop for family, friends, and neighbors on all occasions.

  Moradi Basemnt toward stairs

Smith Kitchen with Island         Oneida Builders Kitchen renovation

The Fall season and the inevitable holidays approaching always make adding entertainment space a smart choice.  Whether it includes an addition of a guest suite with a private bath, a media room, or a kitchen/bar area, basements are the perfect “canvas” for these elements in your home to fit a variety of needs.  Another trend on the renovation list is adding a year-round porch to your home.  These additions are versatile and can be used during the winter months with the use of snap-in plexiglass or drop-down vinyl panels.  Many of our clients have opted to install a fireplace and adjustable lighting for added ambiance. This same space can be used in the springtime and warmer months with the comfort of ceiling fans, a mini ductless HVAC unit, and screens to keep the pollen out.

Smith Guest room & bath         Bar & Billiards

Media seat with props

Sunroom sitting area          Master Bathroom

So, whether you are ready or still in the planning stage, the time is now to take that renovation staycation and get started on the project(s) that will give you the space of your dreams.   As always, the Oneida Builders Team would love to help you envision your next remodel.  Be sure to check out our project galleries for ideas and inspiration!

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