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Fall in Love with Your Kitchen Again…

It’s that time of year again…leaves are changing, painting the landscape with rich colors, marking the transition from summer to winter.  As the weather turns cooler and the days shorter, cozying up in our homes happens more frequently as we find comfort in hearty meals and family gatherings in the heart of our home – the kitchen.  It is here, where the events of the day are retold, the smell of home-cooked meals draws everyone around the table, and families come alive.  Oneida Builders provides many possibilities to transform your most-used family space with lighting plans to brighten up the kitchen, personalized storage options and open floorplans to help you fall in love with your kitchen again.

Our clients find great value with our full-service kitchen remodels that ensure high-quality craftsmanship, owner/project manager over-site with great attention to detail, and on-time delivery.  One of the most requested improvements to our clients’ kitchens is to brighten up the space.  What better way to accomplish this than utilizing natural light through skylights and adding larger and/or more windows to your kitchen.  If adding more natural light isn’t an option with your home, under-cabinet lights, accent lighting and task lighting can make all the difference to dark corners and implement varying hues of ambiance.

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Personalizing storage space to fit the unique way you move around and utilize the kitchen for your cooking style, goes a long way in making sure the space reaches its full potential and “love”.  Whether you want to have an eat-in area or bar top dining, our kitchen designs include many hidden gems that will delight your culinary skills and enhance your family’s dining & cooking experience.  Alternatives such as hidden spice racks, automated trash container cabinetry, and retractable mixer stands can ease day-to-day tasks while incorporating storage where you need it the most.  Customized storage blends flexibility and functionality while providing stylish and convenient kitchen storage spaces.

Cozy kitchens are charming but having it as a separate area has become a thing of the past.  Today’s kitchens have dining and sometimes even living areas incorporated into their plan. Eliminating walls that block natural lighting also gives the perception of spaciousness and provides additional benefits while entertaining.  With better traffic flow, running from room to room to bring refreshments is no longer an issue and overcrowding in one area can be avoided.  Most importantly, hosts do not have to miss out on socializing while entertaining.  Lastly, an open floor plan enables the kitchen to become the focal point of the home, allowing continuity for families to enjoy all aspects of these active spaces.

Whatever your current home situation, we can help you fall in love with your kitchen again while increasing both your enjoyment and financial value.  Oneida Builders will create a tailored design to suit your family’s unique requirements. Let’s see what we can build together!