In this video, expert home remodeler Rocco Sinisgalli of Oneida Builders in Dunwoody, talks about what factors to consider when you are deciding to remodel or purchase a new home.  He says among the things to consider are current interest rates and whether you will need to remodel the home you purchase.  You should also consider whether you want to stay in your neighborhood.  Oneida Builders does both new construction as well as remodeling.  Watch our video to learn more!










Video Transcript Below

so how would you compare the price if
somebody’s thinking about yeah either I
have my house remodeled or I just go and
try to get a brand new house how would
you cuddle
well I educate them because to me I want
to build trust and a lot of times the
first thing I say with that is please
get a appraised value of your home and
start looking where you want for a new
home and if they do two things they come
back to me and then they tell me what
what they want to do 95% of the time
they will invest in their house because
a neighborhood in proximity to work
that’s the two big factors and school
system if they’re willing to move
farther out or if they want to move
closer in then their budget has to go up
I was with my client yesterday thinking
about moving in town selling their house
and I said in town it starts at a
million five really yeah so do you want
to pay twenty five thousand in taxes or
do you want to stay in a new house and
do a little more work so I think
educating the consumer giving them facts
Tyla trying to take the emotion out and
they come back to me and I told this one
client go rent in town for a month just
go rent yeah and see if that’s what you
want you can’t find even with new
construction exactly what you want to be
typically not I mean just face it you
might have to remodel even after you
made that right and and zip code is you
know people think Atlanta real estate is
so difficult it’s really not yeah it
depends on ZIP code in schools and if
you limit yourself to that then there’s
only so much to pick from so new
construction is is strong obviously this
time of year there’s usually a
slow down interest rates drop matter of
fact agents we’re building some houses
as soon as the rates dropped I had like
three calls in one day the house wasn’t
completed I gave him some numbers so
we’ll see if they come back because when
interest rates drop they want to close
quick in case interest rates rise then
new construction price comes out it’s a
gamble you know and you got to be in the
game but you can’t predict it yeah yeah
that’s true and you can’t really you
know go too much on all of that because
yeah like I said it’s gonna turn
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