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Oneida Builders Now Offers the 4 Week Kitchen!

Kitchen Remodel             Kitchen Remodel

Before Oneida’s 4 Week Kitchen Project                    After Oneida’s 4 Week Kitchen Project

Oneida Builders Delivers the Biggest Innovation in the Renovation Market

The 4-week Kitchen Remodel 

After many years with a 98% referral rate and repeat satisfied clients, our reputation for quality work, on-time and on-budget renovation projects, was well-established.  Rocco has seen the market change over time and feels the need to be able to serve more homeowners in today’s market.  Therefore, Oneida Builders is excited to announce our new expanded service offering of the 4 Week Kitchen.  The same high-quality client service, construction expertise, quality craftsmanship and delivery, with a new streamlined cost-effective kitchen remodel.  This reduced timeframe allows our customers to enjoy that kitchen they’ve always wanted NOW and the process takes just 4 Weeks!!

So how can this be accomplished?  This is where Oneida Builders stands out beyond the “kitchen transformation” companies and big box stores.  The Oneida Builders difference in delivering a new renovated kitchen in just 4 weeks begins with the first client visit.  Our owner and designer come to your home to begin to build that one-on-one relationship.  Their firsthand knowledge of options for your space in your home is established on-site with free design consultation.  Unlike others who “transform” your kitchen, we come to you.  There is no commercial storefront or showroom that you must go through.  The selections of quality cabinetry, countertops and hardware are presented and shown in your space.  There are fewer options and customizations to keep the faster installation time, and thus less hassle and reduced stress in the process.

All this results in our 4 Week Kitchen service with reduced industry timelines and more affordable options for homeowners.  However, if financing is desired, this is another option, that sets Oneida Builders 4 Week Kitchen apart from the rest.  Home Renovation Financing lets homeowners invest in their homes without having to deplete savings accounts.  Our financing options allow up to $60,000 for the renovation services, and you can pay over several years at an affordable interest rate, while enjoying your new spaces now!

So, when you work with Oneida Builders to do your kitchen renovation, we deliver designs that fit your lifestyle and prices that meet your budget.  You benefit with new cabinetry, hardware, solid surface countertops, fixtures, appliances (optional), backsplash, flooring, lighting, and simply a completed kitchen installed within 4 weeks!!!  Ready to start today?  Contact us at 770-396-1002

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