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Oneida Builders Delivers New Type of Room Addition to the Home Renovation Market

Oneida Builders Delivers a New Room Addition with Innovation and Cost Savings to the Home Renovation Market

Summer is upon us…the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the sweet tea is flowing! What better time to sit out in your porch, and enjoy the scenery and the sun? Many homeowners think this means braving the heat of the outdoors and only enjoying their space a few minutes and for the braver souls a few hours on their deck. But Oneida Builders has a solution for you!!

When most homeowners think of building an addition to their home, their current options to choose from including a fully enclosed sunroom with lots of windows, a screened porch, or an open-air covered porch/patio.  The Oneida Builders Team helps make the choice easy!

Oneida Builders delivers a new home addition option that captures all the enjoyment of the outdoors under a covered space and can thus be enjoyed year-round. Too good to be true?  Not with Oneida Builders!

So how do we do this? Simple.  We build a screen porch with a covered roof (skylights optional), add an energy-efficient ductless HVAC unit tailored to the square footage of the space, and just like that…a space that can be climate-controlled year-round!!  Check out this beautiful sunroom built in the Dunwoody Area…

new type of room addition

Probably the most surprising fact, is that building a screened porch can add to the home’s conditioned square footage space and increase its appraisal value! Our clients have raved about this new option which also includes easy-to-install magnetic plexiglass inserts to cover the screens, providing protection from pollen during allergy season and clear window-like visibility during the colder months.  Check out how easy the inserts are to install and remove…


Some clients have even opted to include a ventless fireplace for added ambiance and heat. 

Sunroom Sitting area 2

This new year-round home addition provides homeowners a new alternative to the either/or choices of the past and gives them all the benefits in one.  Our clients are enjoying their beautiful new screen porches with lots of light and open-air, fans and cooling if needed during the warmer months.  Once the weather turns colder, they easily snap in the magnetic plexiglass inserts, turn up to heat, and/or light the fireplace for continued enjoyment during the colder months of the year.

Check out our photos of some of our recent clients that have added these year-round porches to their homes in our additions gallery.

Oneida Builders Home Additions

Ready for one of these additions to your home?  Call Oneida Builders Today to schedule a site visit!  770-396-1002