How Much Will You Save In A Greenspace By Rocco?

Let's look at the Greenspace at 1922 Olde Village Run. Prior to Rocco&squot;s greenovation of this home, the electric bill for May to June ran $209 during the start of Atlanta&squot;s peak air conditioning season. Now, during this same peak time of the year, the electric bill is running $58. That is a savings of 75%, or $151 dollars every month!

ggr greenspace comparo 1922

How do we do it? Every Greenspace by Rocco employs several Simple, Affordable, Intelligent and Green [SAIG] elements to ensure an incredibly energy-efficient home that real people can afford to buy. We believe that if we start with a cost-efficient greenovation concept from the outset, we can, in turn, provide you with a Greenspace that is a real value at the time of purchase.


Here are some of the SAIG elements used in a Greenspace by Rocco:

    • ggr hers rating chart 1922HVAC Duct Wrap
    • Icynene Foam Insulation
    • EnergyStar Windows
    • Water-based Floor Finishes
    • Low-VOC Paint
    • Metlund Hot Water D&squot;MAND Systems
    • 30-Year Recycled Roofing Systems

When we wisely combine these SAIG features, the result is a home that has been transformed from an energy pig into a wonderfully enjoyable, energy-efficient Greenspace. The time is now for you to get wise and Go Green. Enjoy both the tangible and state-of-being benefits of living in a Greenspace by Rocco.


For a limited time, Oneida Properties is offering $10,000 off the list price of one of these last two Greenspaces by Rocco. Call or e-mail us today to learn how you can make one of these Greenspaces by Rocco your own.

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